Chiropractic adjustments have been performed for over 100 years! The purpose of adjustments are to increase motion and mobility in a joint that lacks it. The importance of joint mobility (especially in the spine) is so vital because many muscles, nerves, and ligaments are involved! If there is a decrease in mobility, the surrounding and assisting muscles can become inflamed, tight, and form what is called muscular adhesions. Muscular adhesion is a fancy term used to say a "knot in the muscle".  Usually these knots are one of the biggest causes of pain. Nerves also exit from the spine, therefore if there is a decrease in mobility, the nerves cannot communicate as efficient as they should! This can be visualized as a kink in a hose: some water may trickle through, but not nearly as much if the hose is not kinked. Any joint in the body could become "stuck" or lack mobility, therefore any joint can be adjusted (within reason). See below for common adjustments, techniques used, and frequent conditions that benefit greatly from chiropractic care.  

Common Joints adjusted

techniques Dr. O'brien Uses


Thompson Drops 

Logan Basic

Other techniques can be used in place of certain adjustments like specific stretches performed on the patient and soft tissue work (Such as Graston, Cupping, and Myofasical Release) with similar clinical outcomes according to recent research. 

More Populations that Benefit from Care

Pregnant Women 



Athletes/Heavily Active Patients

Common Conditions treated by Chiropractic care

Spinal Complaints 

Lower Extremity Complaints

Upper Extremity Complaints